Sunday 18 March 2018

JFK's 'Wexford' goes on market for $11 million

A house in the U.S. named 'Wexford' by the Kennedy family and built by President John F. Kennedy and his wife Jackie is on the market for just under $11 million.

'Wexford', Virginia, was constructed in 1963, just before JFK came to Ireland and visited his ancestral home in County Wexford.

The President and his family spent just two weekends in their new retreat, the second 12 days before JFK's assassination in Dallas in November, 1963.

'Wexford', located in the forested Atoka area just west of Middleburg, Virginia, was the only home designed from scratch by John F. Kennedy and Jackie.

To constuct the house, the couple bought 39 acres for $26,000 from a local farmer.

Jackie sold 'Wexford' for $225,000 in 1964 but returned to the area in the eighties, renting a small cottage about a mile from the family retreat she built with JFK.

Ronald Reagan was also a 'Wexford' resident for a time, renting the house from a Nixon cabinet member in 1980 and preparing his debates against Jimmy Carter there.

The 5,050 sq ft 'Wexford' has four bedrooms and five bathrooms, and sits on 166 acres. Amenities include a swimming pool, tennis court and underground bunker. It's on the market for $10.995 million, it's value inflated by the historical link with the famous Kennedys.

A silent movie of the Kennedy family at their 'Wexford' house in 1963 can be viewed on the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum at

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