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Holidaying and flying - some things to make you comfortable


I talked about holiday tips a while ago but some people told me that they didn't have a holiday planned back then.

So I thought it would be a good time to write about it again. Let's start by getting any nerves or anxieties about flying out of the way.

A couple of drops of Rescue Remedy can help do this. Or you could try Higher Nature Balance for Nerves, it's suitable for age six upwards. They can be taken together if needed and start as soon as you feel the nerves. Don't wait until the flight day.

If you have a long haul flight, Ginseng can help keep your energy levels up to top notch so that the first few days are not spent feeling exhausted.

Venagel is a gel that you can use to relieve aching heavy legs on long haul flights, or you could use it at the end of a busy day of sight-seeing.

Fluid retention can also be a problem during long haul flights. Swollen ankles are a common problem. Natural diuretics like dandelion can help.

Some of you can't sleep when you're away - with the strange bed and all that. Dormeasan can help you get a decent night's sleep, so you don't spend the night twisting and turning - plus you'll have plenty of energy the next day.

Echinacea lozenges or throat spray are ideal to take on the flight as they can soothe a sore throat and at the same time help keep your immune system strong.

If you generally have an iffy tummy or are prone to diarrhoea when away then pack some Optibac Probiotics for travelling abroad. On the other hand, if your upset tummy is from over indulging on alcohol and treats then bring Milk Thistle Complex. This will offer you a speedy recovery.

If you're prone to insect bites don't forget your B1. Take it a couple of weeks before you travel. You could also take some garlic tablets. Don't forget Incognita spray to keep the insects from biting you.

Try nettle urtica if you suffer with prickly heat. Take it a couple of weeks before you travel and while you're away.

And, of course, don't forget your sunscreen and your after sun lotion, and remember to keep hydrated in the heat.

Have a great trip.

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