Friday 19 January 2018

Ferrybank find 'could be an ancient sword'

David Tucker

Paul Leniston with sword found on Curracloe Beach
Paul Leniston with sword found on Curracloe Beach

A WEXFORD man has found what he believes is an ancient sword on a beach near Ferrybank.

Paul Leniston was out walking following the recent storms when he found the artefact at the start of Ardcavan Beach near the municipal swimming pool.

'It was all corroded and covered in muck and didn't think much of it at first, but when I cleaned it off I realised it looks like a sword blade with the tip and handle missing,' said Paul, from Lambert Place.

Paul said he searched around the same area and found another piece he believes could be the handle of the artefact.

He said he was always out on the beaches looking for things, often fragments of meteorites he searches for with a magnet, but this is the first 'serious' item he has uncovered for many years.

A builder by trade, Paul fell off a roof some years ago, and since then has been unable to work while having a succession of operations.

'I manage to ride my bike to beaches and walk them to get some exercise,' he said.

Paul said he is an avid viewer of the Time Team television series and has picked up a lot of his search techniques from it.

In the past he said he had found some 'little charms' for a neck bracelet and 20 years ago found what he believed was a pike dating back to the 1798 Rebellion.

He said that the recent storms which lashed the Wexford coastline scoured more than a metre of sand from the shore, exposing areas that had been hidden for thousands of years.

Paul said that whatever his latest artefact turned out to be, he wanted it kept in Wexford for people to see and not 'sent off to some dusty museum in Dublin to be locked away'.

Photographs of the pieces found by Paul have been sent to experts at the National Museum of Ireland, and are currently being examined.

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