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Enjoy your office party - without the hangover


It's the time of the year for the Christmas office and work parties. Here are some tips to help ensure that you enjoy your night without a nasty hangover the next day.

The most important thing you need to do is to make sure to eat something before you start drinking. There is research to support the theory that a full stomach helps to slow down the effects of alcohol. And a hearty breakfast the next morning that contains healthy fats will reduce the symptoms of a hangover.

Aim to drink a glass of water with each alcoholic drink. Take Milk Thistle Complex before going out for a meal or drinks, then when you come home in the evening, and again in the morning. It will help protect your liver, and reduce the effects of a hangover.

Nux Vom is a homeopathic remedy that can offer relief for a queasy sick stomach after over indulging. Another favourite is Charcoal tablets. Several customers who would normally have bad hangovers told me that they take charcoal before going out and that they have no hangover the next day. I saw a program recently where they gave one group Starflower Oil omega oil before going out partying. The second group had a placebo. The ones who took Starflower Oil had fewer symptoms the next day. None of these are scientifically proven yet, but they might be worth a try.

Remember, the recommendations are 14 units per week and not in one night! How much will you drink? There are 2.3 units in a 175ml glass of white wine, 2 units in a pint of beer, and 1 unit in a measure of vodka.

According to Drink Aware a pint of beer has 215 calories, 175ml of wine has 159, (this is approx. depending on the wine you choose) and a glass of spirits has 60 calories without the mixer. Plus alcohol does actually cause you to eat more. So if you're watching your weight, extra alcohol won't help!

Alcohol contains congeners which contribute to hangovers. The darker the colour of the alcohol the more congeners present. Even though red wine has more congeners than white, it's still considered the better option when it comes to protecting your heart. In moderation of course!

I hope you enjoy your Christmas party.

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