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Don't ignore the symptoms of acid reflux


Acid reflux is a common condition. The symptoms can include a burning, or scalding sensation in the throat which is commonly known as heartburn. Sometimes the contents of the stomach will regurgitate back into the throat especially when you lie down. You can have a sour taste in the mouth, or food can repeat on you. Some people will experience hoarseness or have an aching throat. There are a number of causes, with either low or high stomach acid being a major one.

Molkosan is a fantastic age old remedy which can be taken to normalise stomach acid. If it's too high it will lower, and if too low it will raise the levels of stomach acid.

Acid reflux may be caused by poor closure of the lower oesophageal sphincter. I like to think of the oesophagus as a tube that goes from the mouth to the stomach. There's a seal on the top of the stomach which closes over once the food passes through. If this seal is weak then the food and acid can come back up the throat causing you discomfort and burning sensation in the throat. If you think this is the cause of your problem you could try A.Vogel Centaurium. This is a digestive bitter which means that when you take it you will suck in your jaws from the taste of it. It works by tightening the sphincter muscle at the top of the stomach so that the food won't pass back up through it, ultimately helping you get long term relief from the problem.

To calm and soothe heartburn you could try Silicol gel. This liquid gel works like a soothing balm working right through the whole digestive system, calming and soothing it. It will help you feel better.

Some people only have symptoms after eating certain foods. Frutin is a remedy that can be taken as required. It puts a coating on the top of the stomach preventing the food coming back up the throat. You really need to figure out which foods are causing the problem and eliminate them.

Don't give up on acid reflux, and don't be shy about asking for help. You don't want to ignore any symptoms; they are signs that something needs fixing. It could be a simple solution, but you won't know unless you ask for help.

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