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Create a home that suits your needs

A recent Good home report study revealed that 73 percent of people who are happy with their homes are happy with their lives in Europe.

Although we often think money will solve many problems, interestingly happiness with our homes is shown to be three times more important to personal happiness than income level.

The size of the home was also not a factor in the study. Neither was home ownership per se. People who rent were shown to be just as happy as homeowners.

When peers and family own their homes that influences. Those whose family and peers own their homes are more inclined to want that.

Having a home that suits your needs was seven times more important than homeownership. People who were happy at home felt a sense of pride, comfort, identity, and safety and control all of which added to their wellbeing.

Having a home you love, brings you way beyond Maslow's hierarchy of basic physiological needs of warmth and rest. Being happy at home is an important factor for life satisfaction and fulfillment.

These findings make a lot of sense. Although I love going away, being able to go to sleep at night in the comfort of my own bed is always welcome. In other studies, our environment is shown to strongly influence personal wellbeing. Relaxing and spending time in a space you consistently love before you go to bed and just after you wake-up sets a powerful positive tone for your day, health and wellbeing.

If you are happy with your home, stay on top of it. This means having a space that serves your needs and fits with and expresses your personality.

If you aren't, think of making changes.

There are so many things you can do that are low-cost or even no-cost. Here are 6 changes you can make, most of which will cost you nothing but your time and creativity.

1. Declutter - Go through everything and let go of things you don't love and are no longer (or even rarely) used. Give them away or sell them but move them on.

2. Reorganize - Change things around to best suit your current needs and lifestyle. When things are always the same, we stop noticing. When you move things around you see what you have that you love with new eyes. You may even decide to create more space. More space in your home will have a very positive effect on your mind and give space for more ideas and happiness.

3. Lighting and Plants - Greenery and good lighting can make an enormous difference to any space.

4. Make it yours - Show your personality and life story through your home. Make it uniquely you and yours-bringing in the needs, interests, and personalities of all the occupants.

5. Invite friends and family - Our homes and lives are happier when we share them with others

6. Upgrade and make other changes you want - A space can be transformed by bigger and even smaller lower cost changes. The most important thing is that it serves you, and your family's needs and looks good and feels soothing and comfortable for you.

People who are happy with their homes are more inclined to invite others which adds even more to the happiness of the home and the lives of the occupiers and their friends and communities.

Take time this week to plan any changes you want to make and start implementing. You will be amazed at the knock-on effect in your inner-world and life.

Calodagh McCumiskey designs and delivers bespoke wellbeing at work programmes to grow people and companies. She also offers regular meditation classes, personal development workshops and wellbeing consultations to help people thrive. Ph 053 9140655 | email info@spiritualearth.com | www.spiritualearth.com

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