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is a Chartered Physiotherapist with a difference. Also a Licensed Acupuncturist, she was been practising successfully in Wexford since 1992. A member of the Society of Orthopaedic Medicine since 1994, Clare previously worked in the U.S. and the Middle East. As a physiotherapist, she is skilled in the treatment of all musculo-skeletal problems but what makes her unique is that she is also a qualified acupuncturist. She developed an interest in the benefits of acupuncture at an early stage of her career. In 1996 she obtained her licentiate in acupuncture before studying Nutrition and Chinese Herbal Medicine in Griffith College. She combines the disciplines of physiotherapy and acupuncture to help people suffering from a range of complaints from back problems and sports injuries to infertility, sinus, insomnia and irritable bowel syndrome. Clare is now offering two exciting new treatments : Vestibular Rehabilitation for people suffering from vertigo and dizziness and Facial Rejuvenation for those interested in firmer, more youthful looking skin.

â?– Vestibular rehabilitation involves manoeuvres to dislodge misplaced particles in the inner ear causing positional vertigo, giving instant relief in certain cases. It also includes exercises to improve balance and reduce fall risk.

â?– Facial Rejuvenation the non surgical face lift uses acupuncture to improve the flow of energy, blood and lymph circulation diminishing wrinkles, eliminating fine lines and improving collagen production. Clare provides physiotherapy treatments for the following conditions: â?– Acute and Chronic Lower Back Pain and neck pain â?– Sports Injuries.

â?– Core Strengthening. â?– Rehabilitation Post Fracture or Joint Replacement. â?– Biomechanical assessment providing custom made orthotics to individual requirement.