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PEOPLE WATCHING the TV3 dating show 'Take Me Out' will have spotted Bishopswater girl, Caron Concar as one of the female hopefuls in recent weeks.

However, Caron was certainly taken out and feted by her family last Saturday night as she celebrated her 21st birthday party in Browne's pub.

The 21-year-old singleton, who works in Tesco's, has been enjoying 'all the slagging' since she appeared on the TV3 show.

Says her mum Bernie: ' She's enjoying the craic. She only went on it for a laugh'.

However, there was only love and praise heaped on Caron last Saturday night when up to 100 people attended her party.

Among those present were her parents Gerry and Bernie, and her two sisters Kira (15) and Chelsea (18).

Caron will appear again on ' Take Me Out' on Friday night on TV3 in the last of the current series.