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Award winning Creacon Lodge is an oasis of calm



As the stress of preparing for Christmas reaches fever pitch in the coming weeks some rest and relaxation is just what the doctor order.

At Creacon Lodge you can be sure you will leave your worries at the door and leave rejuvenated and full of vigour.

No matter what age, what ability, what you like to do or not do, there is something for everyone here.

Sitting still or moving around, good food and everything in-between is available at Creacon.

Recently they started a children's Yoga and Mindfulness class, so the kids learn to stretch and be still while their parents  get to sit in the café and enjoy a treat from the award wining menu.

This works for tired and stressed moms and dads and as an added bonus the kids are getting some peace out time in the same place.

Parents can book a relaxing treatment such as a massage, a mindfulness class, acupressure, hypnotherapy, a spin in their private gym  or have a consultation with our personal trainer, or enjoy a intuitive reading.

Alternatively you can just enjoy a cuppa and sharing some craic with new friends or old ones, by the fireplace or out in the gardens…weather permitting.

At Creacon there is also the option of enjoying lunch from their award winning 'Food is Medicine' program.

Parents can also use this time to have a free consultation with any of their therapists if they so wish.

Creacon also offers Yoga and Meditation/Mindfulness classes every day of the week for adults. 

If you aren’t interested in a class, they have a library with hundreds of books from biographies to new thought to inspiration to business.

There is also a gift shop available  where you can sit and enjoy  treasures from all around the world.

Creacon Lodge & Wellness Centre focuses on providing a progressive and peaceful facility offering a variety of positive courses, classes, new rejuvenated accommodation facilities, an award winning restaurant where you can enjoy the best of fine food.

The facility also focuses on learning to reduce stress in our busy lives and to blend our business or personal life in the most effective and positive manner.

The teachers, course instructors, staff, and co-workers are from all over the world and share the techniques they have learned with others.

To find out more call them on 051 447666 or email us on info@creaconlodgewellnesscentre.com or check out their Facebook page or Twitter account

You can book online at Creacon Lodge Wellness Centre.



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