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Ambulance, BBC1, Thursday 9pm



Unbroken, RTÉ one, Wednesday 9.35pm

Angelina Jolie's workmanlike war drama is based on the incredible story of Louis Zamperini (played by Jack O'Connell), an Italian-American Olympic star who joined the US Air Force after Pearl Harbour and flew bombing missions in the Pacific. When his plane crashes, he survives for weeks on a rubber raft in the open sea before being captured by the Japanese. Then his problems really start.

Quacks, BBC2, Tuesday 10pm

James Woods' enjoyable comic drama follows the fortunes of an intrepid and sometimes reckless group of pioneering Victorian doctors. This week, Williams finds himself in an awkward position when he declares enthusiasm for the works of Charles Dickens, having read not a single page, and is then invited to a dinner party at the writer's house. With linear and Rupert Everett.

Live UEFA Champions League, RTÉ 2, Wednesday 7pm

Liverpool made the top four of the Premier League last season, all with the purpose of qualifying for the Champions League and they take a narrow 2-1 lead into the second leg of this final round qualifying match against Hoffenheim. Qualifying for the group stages will be the first sign of real progress under Jurgen Klopp, yet the achievement could be over-shadowed by developments off the field as Barcelona continue their pursuit of playmaker Philippe Coutinho, which would leave the Reds short of time to find a replacement, just as they rejoin the top table of European football.

Ambulance, BBC1, Thursday 9pm

In the first episode of this reality series following the life-saving work of the English West Midlands Ambulance Service, one crew led by Katie and Sarah race to help a man who has collapsed without warning, while the rest of the units struggle to cope with the inevitable rush of calls associating with Saturday night binge drinking.

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