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Acceptance, change and transformation

Life is full of twists and turns for all of us. We all have difficulties. Equally, opportunities knock at everyone's door. Strategies and habits that help us at and get to a particular stage in life don't always serve us to get the next stage or reach to where we want to reach or to feel how we want to feel.

Change is part of life. Some of this is externally driven. And some is internal.

Frustration comes when we know that something better is possible for us but for whatever reason we cannot implement or sustain it. Frustration happens when positive change is inconsistent.

Transformation happens when we implement small positive changes consistently and maintain them. The only difference between transformation and frustration is persistent and consistent practice and putting into practice.

When we love, accept and embrace all aspects of ourselves, change comes more easily. For most of us, there are parts of our-self that we like and even love and there are often parts of ourselves that we like less and that perhaps even we do not like. Sometimes we ignore those parts hoping they will magically disappear. This does not work.

Change happens more readily and easily when we fully accept where and who we are.

If I do not accept myself or my situation, I lose energy to fighting myself and my situation which takes time and energy from making changes and achieving what I want to achieve, being who I want to be and doing what I want to do. When I accept who and where I am, 100 percent of my energy can be invested in any changes I want to bring about.

The only person that is always in your life is yourself. Making the best of yourself in all situations is the most important thing you can do and the most important determinant in your happiness and success. To do this most effectively, accepting who you are warts and all, is a critical first step. This approach works in all areas from physical perceptions about ourselves and our bodies to how we work and self-discipline, to how we address our fears and difficulties and how we speak our truth saying yes to life and no to things we do not feel serve our higher good or the purpose we are working to achieve.

The major difference between people is that some people use their time more effectively than others. When we accept who and where we are and how things are and consistently use our time and resources to help solve problems and move forward, we move in life. To accept does not mean to agree. It merely means to accept which is a critical first step in any transformation process.

Change is a daily part of life. The common denominator in all of our problems is our-self. This is empowering as it also means the common denominator in all the solutions to all our problems is us too.

So this week, if there are areas of yourself and your life you are struggling with or not fully embracing, take some time to sit with yourself and see what needs to be done. If you are happy, with how and who you are and what you are doing well done! Keep it up. If there are areas of yourself and your life you are not fully comfortable with or you feel could be better, put a spotlight on them. Decide if you feel changes need to be made. Accept how you and things are, act and enjoy the transformation process. And continue, and make it fun.

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