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A once in a lifetime trip Down Under, but there’s no place like home

It's been quite a trip this Half A Century/Once In A Lifetime journey Down Under.

I've cuddled Koalas, woken up in between Sydney Harbour Bridge and The Opera House, drank wine on the beach as the sun was setting and got to attend a Fundraiser in aid of the Bush Fires MC'd by Chris Hemsworth.

Not going to lie, having Chris Hemsworth drip sweat on me as I took a selfie may have been the highlight of my holiday. He and his brother Liam (who also dripped sweat on me - it was very humid) were absolute gentlemen and not in the slightest annoyed at being harassed by an over-excited Irish woman. Mother of God if I was 20 years younger!

On a more serious note, to witness the outpouring of kindness and support that the people of Australia have shown during this difficult time has been inspiring and humbling. Waiters and waitresses donating whole weeks worth of tips, proprietors giving a full night's profits, school children offering their pocket money, everybody donating what they can, when they can and preparing themselves for when they will be called on to help rebuild entire communities that have been decimated by the fires.

Three and a half weeks is a long time to spend with your family and extended family but we managed it without any rows, surprisingly enough. I had anticipated at least one big hoo ha but no, except for a heated debate over Vietnam (don't ask) we have all come out the other side relatively unscathed.

But now it's time for home and I am ready. I miss my dog and my bed. I've loved the sunshine but I'm dying to curl up by the fire and watch TV. I'm hanging for a Tayto sandwich and a good strong cup of Barry's tea.

I'll be quite happy not to be checking every corner of the room before I go to sleep at night for huntsmen spiders and brown snakes.

And the humidity. Oh Lord the humidity. I have closely resembled Noddy Holder for almost a month now, complete with sweaty upper lip, I am longing to blow dry my hair and slap a bit of make up on.

And as I return with several Koala teddies, a boomerang and a suitcase full of Tim Tams I can honestly say - Australia you have been an absolute blast!

We have enjoyed every single minute and have memories to treasure forever.

But it's true what they say - There's no place like home.

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