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Psychologists have discovered that female IQs have risen above men's for the first time. I expect the good woman will have a test waiting for me when I get home. Oh feck.

Black Swan, starring Natalie Portman, was the most complained about cinema release in the Republic of Ireland last year. Apparently the sight of two beautiful women kissing ruffled a few feathers among the audience. Now, where did I put that must-see list?

With the London Olympics almost knocking on the front door, the classic Chariots of Fire is re-released in cinemas nationwide. Treat yourself. Du-du-du-du-du-du...

Farmers in the south of France are giving their cows red wine in an experiment to see if it makes their beef more delicious. More pricey than a pail of water, you might expect.

Students at a university in Leicester reveal that though Batman could theoretically have flown, his wingspan was too short, and he could not have survived the landing. I hope knowing this doesn't ruin your enjoyment of the new film in the series, The Dark Knight Rises.