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Peter Power was blessed with a gentle nature


The late Peter Power

The late Peter Power

The late Peter Power

Peter Power of St Aidan's Crescent, Wexford sadly passed away on October 6 after a battle with illness.

Peter was blessed with a quiet and gentle nature, a dry wit and a love so deep for his recently deceased wife May, who passed away in July.

Peter was born in Latimerstown and moved to Kilkenny at a young age. Cross-country running and long distance walking were Peter's interests as a younger man, winning seasonal medals in his pursuits.

Gardening was Peter's main occupation and he was highly praised and appreciated for his dedication, reliability and love of his work.

Peter met May at the wedding of mutual cousins and went on to marry her in 1968. He was a brave man to take on four teenagers at the time.

Peter spent some time in Great Island Campile in the ESB Station. Lots of funny stories were remembered and told over the years. Unfortunately, Peter's health failed in the last few years.

When May died, Peter gave in and gave up.

'His life's work was done'.

Honest, trustworthy and gentle, Peter was a true gentleman and gentle man.

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