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Maria Finn was an inspiration to all


The late Maria Finn.

The late Maria Finn.

The late Maria Finn.

'Though your days here were brief, your spirit was alive, awake, complete. You placed smiles like flowers, on the altar of the heart.' (John O'Donohue)

The greatly loved and admired Maria Finn (née Wall) was truly a very special lady, whose gentle spirit, generous heart and impish smile enriched the lives of all fortunate enough to know her.

As a devoted wife to Pat and a dedicated mother to their four precious children; Jason, Annie, Patrick and Owen; the exuberant Maria led an extremely busy life. Born in 1973, Maria was a devoted family woman. She always found time to assist Pat in developing their thriving taxi business, while being a valued member of the St. Leonard's Playschool team.

Both Maria and Pat enjoyed similar family backgrounds, being children of large, loyal and loving families. Their respective parents; Sonny and Bridgie Wall, and the late Rich and Annie Finn, imbued their children with a deep loyalty and camaraderie for each other. They remain particularity supportive to their siblings - especially in times of greatest adversity.

Maria and Pat's foremost wish in life was to see their own four children similarly blessed and they have certainly succeeded - admirably. As Maria's sister, Eithne, warmly recounted of the pair in her splendid tribute: 'They really loved each other and they reared four of the best children that anyone could wish for.'

Family meant the world to 'Nicka', as she was affectionately known from a very young age.

During her final illness Maria displayed an open, generous, trusting and courageous attitude to what seemed the inevitable outcome. She had an unshakable faith in God by which she was sustained and comforted. Minimizing the constant trauma of her own sufferings, Maria was more acutely concerned for the ongoing needs of her family. This caused her more anguish than the relentless affliction which assailed her.

For two years Maria had waged an heroic war against cancer. Shortly after she was diagnosed, in October 2013, she had the 'Cancer Logo', accompanied by the word 'Believe', tattooed on her wrist. This was to be her 'Badge of Courage' - an ever-present reminder that she would eventually triumph. Maria battled with undiminished fortitude, unfailing good humour and that unforgettable broad smile.

Maria thoroughly enjoyed her forty one years of life. She was outgoing and bubbly and loved to socialize with family and friends. When she was out she was out - and she invariably became the heart and soul of the party. Such festivities were generally graced by a song or two from the jovial Maria - rendered with her usual aplomb. Club C, in Clongeen, was on of her favourite destinations - where she enjoyed many a marvellous night with a unique group of friends. Most assured Maria had music in her soul. She chose the inspirational song 'On my Own', by Whitney Houston, to accompany her on her final journey.

Being endowed with a loving and caring nature, Maria readily made friends and such friendships were of the enduring variety. One such soulmate, from schooldays, Grace McGrath remained steadfastly true over the years and proudly escorted Maria into Clongeen Church on the eve of her funeral.

Maria was a totally committed wife and mother, with boundless love for Pat and their children. Her untimely passing constitutes an immeasurable loss for her heartbroken family; to whom profound condolences are extended. Sincerest sympathy is also tendered to Maria's grieving parents, to her sisters and brothers and the extended Wall family; to Pat's brother and sisters and the entire Finn clan. Finally, Maria is mourned by a myriad of friends who will cherish her memory.

'Go raibh leaba sna bhflaithis, i gcónai, ag Maria uasal séimh' . (We pray a bed in heaven for the noble and gentle Maria.)

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