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Much-loved family woman Sadie Whelan from Bishopswater dies aged 67


The late Sadie Whelan.

The late Sadie Whelan.

The late Sadie Whelan.

THE SAD death took place recently of much-loved Sadie Whelan, from Bishopswater. She was just 67 years old.

Mother to Colm, Paul, Sarah and Sinead, Sadie was an incredibly kind person who knew how to bring out the best in others.

'She was the type of person who could never do enough for others and was always willing to lend a hand or a shoulder whenever it was needed,' Colm said in a eulogy at his mother's Requiem Mass at the Church of the Assumption in Bride Street on behalf of his siblings.

She spent most of her life moving back and forth between Wexford and London, in order to be able to provide for her family.

She was an incredibly strong woman who never gave in when times got tough, she always saw her family through.

'Mam was just 14 when she left school to go to work, she would go on to hold all sorts of jobs.. she worked in a factory, for Marks & Spencers, Harvey Nichols and even briefly as a school dinner lady.

'But finally, she found her calling as a carer. She spent almost 10 years working all over London as a home help, assisting the elderly and later with St Bridgets Centre and the Wheelchair association back home in Wexford,' said Colm.

'That was mam, she worked hard and she loved to look after other peoples.'

Colm said this stood her in good stead when his dad became ill for years ago 'and less than two years ago we lost him'.

'For the whole of dad's Illness, mam was his carer and she looked after him every minute of every day. She gave about him every minute of every day as well, but there was no way she was going to let anyone else do it.

'Whenever he needed anything it was mam who he called and it was Mam who would come to take care of him. They loved each other, they really did, they would kill each other at times but they wouldn't have changed it for the world.'

When the family was growing up, they never wanted for anything and even when times were hard, she always found a little bit extra.

The family home in London was often the first stop for any young Irish knowing they could go to Sadies and get a good meal and a warm bed for the night, even though it was often the children's beds that were given.

Colm said he was n London about three years ago and went to a local pub to find some of his parents' old friends.

'I met a man who I didn't know and he asked me if I was Queen Sadie's son.. mam hadn't been in London for 20 years but that was her legacy'.

Sadie loved life, loved talking to new people and you couldn't leave her alone with strangers for a minute without her striking up a conversation.

'Going down town with mam on a Saturday was like a relay, you couldn't get from one end of town to the other without her stopping about 100 times to talk to familiar faces.'

She had good neighbours, special friends and a great family and they were all incredibly supportive especially over the past couple of years.

She really loved and appreciated everyone in her life, but she had a special place in her heart for her nine grandchildren: Darragh, Tomas, Killian, Tadgh, Sean, Shayne, Eva, Daithi and Conor.

The sister of Liam, Maria, Richard, Margaret, Kathleen, Joseph, James and Nicky, and the late Peter, she is sadly missed by her loving sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, sons in law, daughters in law, brother in law, grandchildren, extended family, relatives and friends.

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