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Calls for change continue after another crash at Kyle Cross


The accident scene at the dangerous Kyle Cross junction last week

The accident scene at the dangerous Kyle Cross junction last week

The accident scene at the dangerous Kyle Cross junction last week

In an occurrence that's becoming all too familiar, emergency vehicles rushed to the scene of yet another accident on the Kyle Cross junction on the N11 last Monday evening.

Locals have renewed their calls for action to be taken on the lethal junction 'before someone in killed'.

On this occasion, three people were taken to Wexford General Hospital for treatment after a two vehicle collision. Yet again, the incident saw one car pulling out from the road for Crossabeg, while the other car was headed from Oylegate to Wexford. One of the drivers was said to be local, while the occupants of the other car were believed to be holidaymakers.

Thankfully, on this occasion, the injuries suffered were said to have been relatively minor, however, this is just the latest in a string of incidents at the junction.

While emergency services tended the scene of the crash, a short distance away the junction and the rest of that stretch of the N11 from Oylegate to Rosslare was being discussed by members of Wexford County Council.

Cllr Lisa McDonald received unanimous support for her motion calling for an 'urgent road traffic survey' to be carried out on the whole road, with a particular focus on the lethal junction, as well as traffic build-ups on the roundabouts outside of Wexford town.

Local man Darren Kenny who is fronting the campaign for the junction to be urgently changed, says that things were actually safer before the filter lane was removed for Wexford bound traffic turning off at Crossabeg.

Since then, vehicles have been overtaking those making the turn and driving into the filter lane for the oncoming traffic turning right to Crossabeg.

'I've emailed the TII about this several times,' a frustrated Darren said.

'They've just said that the junction is safe and it's driver behaviour is the problem. I think the only safe thing to do is put a roundabout in there. They put a roundabout in on the Rosslare Road after a family was wiped out down there. It shouldn't have to come to that before action is taken.'

Darren uses the junction up to five times a day and says that he's 'like a sitting duck' when he's facing Oylegate and waiting in the box to take the right hand turn off the N11 to Crossabeg.

'It's absolutely lethal,' he said. 'I won't be letting this go until something is done, because someone will be killed there.'

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