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Wexford Chamber lays off two staff

Wexford Chamber of Commerce has been forced to lay off two members of staff due to the loss of a commercial contract, the board of the organisation confirmed this week.

In a statement, the Chamber which is the representative organisation for businesses in Wexford, said it operates a number of commercial projects on a contractual basis. 'In recent weeks, the Chamber became aware that a significant project which it was managing would not be renewed,' it said. 'The board convened a special meeting to discuss the implications which the loss of this project would have on the future operations of the organisation, both from a financial and human resources perspective'.

'Following its deliberations, the board decided that the only course of action to protect the not-for-profit organisation was to reduce staff numbers proportionally. The Chamber continues to employ seven staff which support its 240 companies.'

Asked for information on the particular contract, the Chamber said that as it is continuing to liaise with the contracting party, it would not be prudent to disclose this 'commercially sensitive information'. The Chamber confirmed that two staff members have been affected by the loss of the contract.

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