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Turas Nua begins employment drive


Colin Donnery, Director with Turas Nua

Colin Donnery, Director with Turas Nua

Colin Donnery, Director with Turas Nua

The national employment activation organisation, Turas Nua, has announced it's to increase its efforts to engage with Wexford based employers over the coming year with plans to target an additional 560 businesses and organisations in the Model County.

The organisation, which currently works with 1,716 Wexford-based employers, has placed 2,463 people in jobs and delivers the JobPath programme on behalf of the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection.

Turas Nua engages with the long-term unemployed and helps get them back into the workforce. To-date 11,776 people in Co Wexford have participated in training courses delivered as part of programmes provided by the organisation.

Turas Nua's employer service includes the provision of training and development courses specifically designed to meet employers' requirements, on-site visits to ensure the employers' needs are being addressed, detailed candidate screening, the provision of off-site interview space as well as advice on how employers can progress their workforce and free employee training.

Speaking about the forthcoming focus on Co Wexford, Turas Nua Director, Colin Donnery, said: 'We are making a concentrated effort over the coming year to work with additional employers throughout Wexford. This includes employers of all sizes, from household name brands to local operations and start-up businesses.'

Mr Donnery said his organisation can tailor its approach respective to each situation and employer it deals with.

'We can tailor our approach to give them [employers] what they need,' he said.

'That focus applies during the recruitment process and in the provision of post-hire support,' he added.

Mr Donnery said it has proven to be efficient and has led to the organisation working repeatedly with most of its employment partners in Co Wexford.

'We are here to help improve the entire employment activation process,' he said.

'That means working with employers as well as jobseekers [and that's] why we have put a lot of focus into developing a strong package of support for employers,' he added.

He said creating job opportunities is a qualitative process that needs to benefit both the employer and the employee.

'We understand that employers don't just want employees, they want the right employees,' he said.

With regard to the future he commented: 'We expect the number of Wexford companies we are working with to keep growing meaning more jobseekers can secure lasting jobs and more employers can thrive by securing the staff they require.'

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