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RTE showcases Wexford growers


Nikk George, from Fancy Fungi, talking to Grow Cook Eat presenter, Karen O'Donoghoe.

Nikk George, from Fancy Fungi, talking to Grow Cook Eat presenter, Karen O'Donoghoe.

Nikk George, from Fancy Fungi, talking to Grow Cook Eat presenter, Karen O'Donoghoe.

Wexford businesses have been showcased on an RTE series based around the indigenous food industry in Ireland.

Grow Cook Eat will air at 8.30 p.m. on Wednesday, April 3, and presenters Michael Kelly and Karen O'Donohoe will meet Catherine and Nikk George who are specialist, exotic mushroom growers, who own and operate a business called Fancy Fungi which is based in Galbally, Enniscorthy.

On the programme viewers will see how their business has developed from selling foraged mushrooms to local restaurants to having a farm dedicated to growing a wide variety of mushrooms for retailers and eateries all over the country.

Ms O'Donohoe also learns about the 45-member food family and how they support each other through networking.

Grow Cook Eat is a practical series aimed at helping people with little or no knowledge of growing their own food.

The programme offers step-by-step guides to growing vegetables and it also showcases activities such as water harvesting and improving soil fertility.

The show is anchored at the home of GIY, the Grow HQ in Waterford City, and each week it sees presenters Michael Kelly and Karen O'Donohoe travel to meet and visit expert food producers, chefs, and community food growing projects throughout Ireland.

Each week there are also menu ideas shared by chef, Katie Sanderson.

The visit to Fancy Fungi will be the second time in as many weeks that Wexford will feature on the programme as the last episode saw the hosts visiting Kelly's Hotel in Rosslare to find out what they do to ensure their guests and the planet are well looked after through food waste-reducing initiatives.

The business has invested significantly in an on-site biogester and the hotel management and staff are completing the food cycle by turning food waste into compost for their coastal gardens.

The feature on the hotel also offered lots of simple tips and advice for viewers to try at home.

As part of that programme chef, Katie Sanderson, cooked up a delicious roast pumpkin with creme fraiche dish with peanut, corriander, chilli and spring onion, salad.

During the programme the hosts got to battle over pumpkins and show why they are fantastic and versatile vegetables to grow, cook and eat, during the year rather than buy, carve, and dump at Halloween.

The current series of Grow Cook Eat will run until April 24.

Michael Kelly is the founder of the GIY (Grow It Yourself) while Ms O'Donohoe is the organisation's head of Community Development.

They travel around the country to explore fantastic food projects and initiatives.

The series is a must for anyone interested in growing their own produce whether it's in a private capacity or with a view to developing a business.

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