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New location for Gaslamp gallery


The Gaslamp gallery has relocated from number 46 to 5 Esmonde Street

The Gaslamp gallery has relocated from number 46 to 5 Esmonde Street

The Gaslamp gallery has relocated from number 46 to 5 Esmonde Street

After nearly eight years in business, Gorey's Gaslamp Gallery has moved, to just across the road, now located at 5 Esmonde Street and since reopening, owner Claire O'Connell has been blown away by the support.

'We've had messages of support from all over the country, as our customer base is all over Ireland. Since we opened at the new location, I've been humbled by the amount of cards and flowers, people just calling in to wish us luck, it has been incredible,' she said.

Now on the side of the street where other artists reside, Gorey artist Eoin O'Connor was one of the first to wish Claire and the team well.

'With other artists on the street with us, we compliment each other. It has encouraged us to keep going and from now on we plan to continue on going what we do best in picture framing and the selling of local and international artists work and prints in the gallery,' she said.

Claire likened the support that the gallery have been given as something like an Irish funeral, when everyone comes out and says nice things about the person.

'It's like we've had a living wake, but the main concern we've had from our customers was that they had hoped we wouldn't be closing,' she said.

Claire said that the team had a lot of thinking to do with regard to relaunching in the new location.

'This building we are in now was a concrete shell. It had been a pet shop for 18 years, and briefly Cllr Malcolm Byrne's constituency office during the European elections. When we got the keys, we hit the ground running and it has been purposely designed and stream-lined for our picture framing studio so that everything will flow better and faster, because we've learned a lot from being just over the road,' she said.

'We used local contractors for fitting and lighting, and they worked 12-14 hour days to make sure that we got over the line,' she said.

Although Claire hopes to expand the picture framing business in the future, she thinks that the team will take the lessons from the past.

'We will continue to show both local artists, such as Niki Purcell, awarding winning Kevin Roche, Martina Furlong as well as various selections of limited edition international prints. We love what we do, and people coming in can see that. We want to have affordable art for everybody, on every budget,' she said.

Claire explained that the most important thing that the team have learned about business is customer service.

'Going the extra mile for our customers always helps. When you listen their individual needs, you continue to build relationships with them. If something goes wrong, we will fix it,' she said.

'Over the years, our customers have become more like our friends, and this hasn't been more true of Jane and Andy from Monamolin, who got married under the 18th century gas lamp in the gallery last year,' she said.

Since moving to the new location, Claire has had to sell the gas lamp due to spacial issues.

'It was a sad thing letting it go but as Jane and Andy have now bought it, they are the future care-takers,' she said.

Since moving in to the new location, a smaller antique gas lamp that is desk sized was gifted to Claire, and it now sits proudly.

'It was a gesture of support from another business, now that we have a new one things have come full circle,' she said.

Claire looks forward to more exhibitions taking place in the future.

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