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Michael aiming big with his innovative ventilation product


Michael’s new concept, Ventcore

Michael’s new concept, Ventcore

Michael’s new concept, Ventcore

Having previously worked in the construction industry, a Wexford carer believes he has come up with a product that could revolutionise the way houses are ventilated.

Michael Donovan from Newbawn describes his new product 'Ventcore' as a cost effective method of thermally venting a vent chamber without blocking or closing off a vital air supply. It deals directly with thermal venting, filtering and air conditioning of wall ventilation chambers.

'The main attribute of a vent system is to eradicate the threat from carbon monoxide,' Michael explains. 'Such gasses or airborne poisons may cause considerable harm. Air vent chambers allow air into a home, but millions of vents nationally are blocked up due to ignorance, many using a close shutter system internally. This reduces air permeability under 2019F regulation.'

Michael's new innovation promises to eradicate condensation and black mould build up, which can have serious implications on the general health of the occupants of a home, while also decreasing energy consumption.

'Being a thermal filter core system, it deals direct as a sound actuator,' Michael explains. 'It has the ability to reduce pollutants, decreasing energy consumption and your carbon footprint, whilst venting without blocking. It's extremely economically viable and out-performs all current innovations in cost and performance.'

Michael is excited about his new product and is hoping to obtain significant interest from those in the trade and is hoping that it will become a staple in houses across the country.

'I aim to make the product affordable to every home nationally and internationally,' he said.

'Making sure the customer sees cash return almost instantly and benefits fully from installing the apparatus. I would love to see the innovation IP rights bought by an Irish construction company or a retailer like Aldi or Lidl.'

'The innovation came to me in 2006, but it's taken considerable time and research to get everything absolutely bang on the button and I feel that this innovation will resolve many issues for many people.'

For more information on Ventcore, you can email Michael at redmond150441@gmail.com.

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