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Making a will has never been as easy


Susan Murphy of Makemywill.ie

Susan Murphy of Makemywill.ie

Susan Murphy of Makemywill.ie

A Wexford solicitor will appear on Ireland AM on Wednesday morning promoting her very unique business.

Susan Murphy set up Makemywill.ie in December and is already seeing a great interest in the service.

'A lot of people put off making a will. It is one of those things that's constantly put on the back-burner, with people saying 'I'll do it next week or month or year'. Having done a lot of research and spoken to many clients during my time in general practice, I figured out that the main reason people put off making a will is that they don't want the hassle of arranging appointments with a solicitor, particularly to discuss something so morbid. They also believe it can be expensive.

'It became very apparent that many people incorrectly assume their assets will be distributed a certain way if they died without making a will. I want to make people more aware of the risks involved in not making a will, and in turn encourage them to make one. If you have children, or own any property or other asset, I cannot emphasise enough the importance of a will.

'I have specialised in wills and probate for the last seven years and I saw a gap in the market for this kind of a service.'

The daughter of former coroner Jimmy Murphy Susan worked since 2008 in the firm Huggard, Brennan and Murphy in Wexford town but in December took the brave move to branch out on her own.

'It's a scary time but I'm really enjoying it. I'm working from home which suits me great. It also means that I'm flexible to talk to people who want to make a will but are working all day so I can speak to them in the evening without them having to come in.'

The mother of two young children, Susan will appear on Ireland AM at 7.45am on Wednesday morning. 'It's very exciting', she said.

'It's surprising the amount of people that don't have a will, particularly young couples with families. If proper estate planning isn't done it is the family members left behind who will pay the price.

'It's the only way of safeguarding the future of whoever you're leaving behind.

'A family can be left with a lot of problems if there are minors and the spouse cannot access the full estate until the kids come of age, especially if you have a farm or business,' says Murphy.

Once Susan has an initial 15 minute chat with clients over the phone to gather instructions she drafts up the will.

'Once the client is happy, I'll post out the original official will with will envelopes and instructions on how to execute it.

'The will must be signed and dated in the presence of two witnesses who are there at the same time. A solicitor doesn't have to witness the will.

'When it is signed, keep it with all of your important documents, and let the executor of the will know where it is kept.'

For more information log onto www.makemywill.ie.

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