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Local business wins international award


Niamh Hogan, owner of Holos

Niamh Hogan, owner of Holos

Niamh Hogan, owner of Holos


Wexford skincare brand Holos Skincare has won a 'best in class' awards in the Free From Skincare Awards.

The brand's Super Natural Activity Pre and Probiotic Spritz was awarded a Gold Medal and named 'Best Fresh & Fragrant Free-From Skincare Product' for 2020.

With dermatology experts commenting that up to a third of people may be allergic to skincare product ingredients, the award for Holos is a ringing endorsement of its expertise.

The aim of the awards is to encourage the production of skincare products that are free from the allergens, chemicals, additives and fragrances linked to skin sensitivities, in addition to addressing ethical, environmental and health concerns.

Holos Skincare products are handmade and, according to the brand, its range is 100 per cent plant-derived, vegan, cruelty-free and eco-friendly.

Commenting on the award, Holos brand owner Niamh Hogan said: 'We are thrilled to have our small Irish brand acknowledged on the international skincare stage. We are dedicated to innovative products that bring real benefits to the skin, while also being strict in our commitment to natural plant ingredients and sustainability.'

She said that the Super Natural Activity range also contains 'scientifically proven' active natural ingredients that are 'anti-ageing and seriously effective' in caring for skin.

The European Skincare Awards scheme included a month-long assessment by four experienced skincare testers, some with specific intolerances, as well as extensive expert judging sessions.

The Free From Skincare Awards are one of the most rigorously judged awards in the field of natural beauty products and the nature of the judging added to the pride felt by Ms Hogan and her team on winning the award.

'We couldn't be prouder to have won gold for our Super Natural Activity Pre and Probiotic Spritz, which has quickly become our best seller in just five months since its launch,' she said.

The Awards' director Alex Gazzola said brands like Holos are competing with the leading international mega-brands, but are doing so by adapting the best of natural skincare and plant-actives to create 'safer and highly effective skincare'.

'We highlight the best products by brands offering something different, using alternative ingredients which are appropriate for people who live "free-from" lives, and for whom mainstream cosmetics are often unsuitable,' said Mr Gazzola.

Infused with frankincense, lavender and sweet orange, the pH balanced formula of the Holos products, and its good bacteria, maintain skin immunity and health, according to Ms Hogan.

She said that a quick spritz of this 'refreshing' lotion provides a 'natural barrier' to environmental irritants and pathogens, meaning skin flora is healthy and less likely to suffer inflammation, rosacea or acne.

'Probiotics help reduce fine lines and aid repair of the skin too,' said Ms Hogan.

'The new Super Natural Activity spritz can be used for all skin types, on clean skin or over make-up,' she added.