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Learn how to build resources at workshop

Having worked as psychologists for over 20 years Tanya Harris and Nicole Kotras understand the needs of people in a modern environment.

Both employed as Chartered Clinical Psychologists by the HSE the pair decided to use their extensive experience to set up Think Psychology, a service which offers a wide variety of personal development and corporate workshops.

The first of these programmes, entitled 'Mind Yourself', begins on February 4 at the Allied Hub and runs for eight weeks. Tanya explains why they decided to set up this new company. 'We decided to set Think Psychology up because the waiting lists for psychologists are very long, and we felt that some people's problems could be prevented if they had received help sooner.

'So we developed a programme which would work towards people understanding themselves better, help them learn how to manage their emotions, learn the skills to deal with the demands of life more effectively, and to strengthen the relationships in their lives which are important to them.'

Pointing out that the programme is open to everyone and hasn't been created for people with mental health problems, Tanya was keen to underline the type of teachings involved in the course.

'It's not therapy, you won't be required to sit there and tell your life story, you won't be put on the spot. It's for anyone, it's a learning programme. The workshop can be tailored for any kind of group; this one is for the public, but we can do them for corporate groups, sports groups, we plan on doing one with a teenage drama group.'

Although both women are employed by the health executive the Mind Yourself programme is a separate venture and isn't affiliated to the HSE. The cost of the eight-week course, which consists of a two-hour weekly sessions every Tuesday evening from 7-9 p.m. is €180 per person.

And Tanya believes those who complete the course will come away with some valuable new life skills.

'We hope that people will leave knowing themselves with more clarity, and have the practical skills to help themselves cope with life and be more resilient. Everyone is rushing around at the moment, taking care of family and other people, without taking the time to take care of themselves,' she said. Email tanya@thinkpsychology.ie or nicole@thinkpsychology.ie to book a place on the course.

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