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Amended planning conditions for 80-acre solar farm in Mayglass

An Bord Pleanala has granted planning permission with amended conditions for an 80-acre solar farm in Gardamus Great, Mayglass.

The developers Harmony Solar Mayglass Limited lodged an appeal against three of the conditions imposed by Wexford County Council on the original planning approval.

The applicants asked for a 10-year permission instead of the five-year limit on development work laid down by the local authority and the increase was granted by An Bord Pleanála.

The Council planning department also asked for a cash deposit of €114,520 to cover the re-instatement of the site if the project was halted but the developers submitted that this was overly restrictive and punitive.

The appeals board granted the developers the option of lodging a cash deposit or an insurance company bond as security, stating that this is standard practice.

The local authority had also made it a condition that before work started on the site, the developers would have to obtain planning permission for connection of the solar farm to the national grid.

However, the applicant pointed out in the appeal that this is exempted development and does not require planning permission.

Instead of this condition, the Board specified that the planning permission is 'not to be regarded as any form of consent or agreement to a connection to the national grid or to the routing of any such connection'.

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