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A celebration of Monksgrange


Sean Doyle and Fr. Jim Hammell

Sean Doyle and Fr. Jim Hammell

Sean Doyle and Fr. Jim Hammell

Monksgrange House in Rathnure is one of the most iconic landmark buildings in the county.

Now, its history and that of the family who have resided there for generations has been published in book form.

Dr Philip Bull's book, 'Monksgrange - portrait of an Irish House and Family 1769-1969' was officially launched by Professor Roy Foster at a prestigious event at the house as part of the Monksgrange 250 celebrations.

Around 160 people attended the launch and the following day 200 visitors gathered at the house for an open day in the gardens.

Speaking to this newspaper about Monksgrange 250 the current owner of the house, Jeremy Hill, said it was a fantastic success.

'We were really delighted with how it all went and we were very happy with the number of people who attended both the launch and the open day,' he said.

The book launch saw people from Ireland, the UK, America and Australia attending - much to the delight of Mr Hill.

'It was great to see people travelling so far to be in attendance; we had five couples who travelled over from Australia especially for it,' he said.

Among those in attendance were relatives of Goddard Richards who built the house.

The Monksgrange 250 programme of events was aimed at celebrating the 250th anniversary of the completion of the house in 1769.

In addition to the book launch and open day archive material from the house has also gone on display in Enniscorthy Castle and is open to the public for viewing.

The Monksgrange archives include over 17 maps from the 1700s which are in remarkably good condition.

In launching the book Professor Foster, who was professor of Irish history at Oxford University for 20 years, gave a detailed, informative and educational account of the house and its history.

Since its construction the house has remained in the same family and has passed through the female line, on the mothers' side, from Richards, to Orpen to Hill.

The house was spared in 1798 because the then owner was a good friend of Kelly from Killane.

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