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€25,000 grant to help Castlebridge promote Guinness Book links


An argument in Castlebridge in 1951 led to the creation of the Guinness Book of Records

An argument in Castlebridge in 1951 led to the creation of the Guinness Book of Records

An argument in Castlebridge in 1951 led to the creation of the Guinness Book of Records

Castlebridge has been recommended by Wexford Borough District Council for a €25,000 grant under the Town and Village Renewal Scheme to assist in marketing the village as a Guinness Book of Records destination.

The application was made by Castlebridge Community Co-op in collaboration with a consortium of local businesses and community groups and includes a proposal for cooperative branding to encourage people to appreciate the area's sense of place and heritage.

There is currently no evidence in Castlebridge of the fact that an argument in Castlebridge House in 1951 provided the inspiration for the Guinness Book of Records and the project aims to capitalise on the story.

Castlebridge had a century-long association with Guinness and was once a thriving centre for the transport of malted barley which arrived in boats to be milled and roasted.

The history is considered a key piece of marketing and a unique selling point which could unlock the potential for Castlebridge to present a strong sense of shared identity and increase visitor footfall to the area.

There are plans to develop a virtual shopfront through a Castlebridge website celebrating the community and business interests.

The public environment is to be improved with new street furniture, a bus shelter and Castlebridge-branded awnings on shopfronts, focussing on the connection to the Guinness Book of World Records.

The organisers have also requested Council support for the provision of eye-catching singage at the three entrances to the village, to promote Castlebridge as a heritage destination and the birthplace of the idea for the famous publication.

There is also potential for collaborating with Guinness World Records and the use of the trademarked logo on signage.

The funding application was made under the new Town and Village Renewal Covid-19 Measures Scheme which is supporting projects that can be delivered in the short-term to respond to the challenges of Covid-19 and help the recovery of towns and villages.

The Borough District Council has recommended the Castlebridge project for a grant of €25,000, a move which was welcomed by councillors at a local authority meeting.

'The money will be very well spent in this area', said Cllr. George Lawlor, adding that he had liaised with Paul O' Brien on the project.

Cllr. John Hegarty said he would like to think that this will be a launch pad for the area, with a strong community group coming to the fore.

'I think this could be the start of something very positive for Castlebridge', he added.

'There is a massive potential in the link with the Guinness Book of Records and if it is promoted in the right way, it could be a tourist attraction for the benefit of the county and the country', said the Mayor of Wexford, Cllr. Leonard Kelly.

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