Wexford County Council ‘utterly satisfied’ with homeless service despite images of filthy bed sheets

One of the images posted by Wexford People Helping People of the filthy bed sheets provided for a rough sleeper.

Pádraig ByrneWexford People

At the March meeting of Wexford County Council, the Director of Housing Carolyne Godkin was asked to comment on photos published online depicting filthy bed sheets that were allegedly provided for a rough sleeper accessing emergency accommodation.

The images were posted by homeless advocacy group Wexford People Helping People who said: “Some service users accessing local authority provided emergency accommodation were given these beds with these pillows to sleep on tonight.

“The staff did offer to change them out once the complaint was made but it's simply not acceptable to be expecting anyone to lie in filth with the potential for making them ill. They have no idea what the dried substance is on the pillow.

“Bedding should be changed out and renewed regularly for infection control. It should be checked for issues prior to reuse.”

Aontú councillor Jim Codd decided to raise the matter with Ms Godkin.

"I’d ask for comment on the pictures that are doing the rounds on the internet where homeless men are being expected to sleep on stained bed sheets etc. I’m not for a minute saying that it’s true, but I’d ask the Director for comment here in any case.”

Ms Godkin said she was aware of the images circulating online and said: “We had our staff carry out an unscheduled inspection at Ozanam House last week and we are utterly satisfied with the service being provided there.

"I won't comment on the matter any further than that.”