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Juveniles impress as multiple medals won at indoor tests


Medal winner Maria Coone.

Medal winner Maria Coone.

Medal winner Maria Coone.


A GOOD squad of Wexford athletes travelled to Athlone for the Leinster Juvenile indoors recently.

In the walks there were wins for Seán Walsh (Adamstown) in Under-14 1,000 metres and Maria Coone (DMP) in Under-17 1,500 metres.

Ciara Mooney (Adamstown) was second in Under-19 1,500m. Elijah Page-Redmond (Menapians) was third in Under-15 60 metres, and also won bronze in shot put.

Stephanie O’Connor (Enniscorthy) was third in Under-16 200 metres. Orlaith Deegan (SBR) was second fastest overall in Under-19 400 metres.

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Saoirse Flanagan (DMP) won silver in Under-14 800 metres. Of her clubmates, Aoife Walsh was third in Under-17 800 metres and Cara Kelly was second in the Under-18 race.

Max Murphy (United Striders) just missed out on a bronze in Under-16 1,500 metres, but he did come away with a massive 16 seconds PB of 4:17.24 minutes.

There were two medals for Bree in sprint hurdles, with Ava Wilson second in the Under-13 race and Lea Bolger second in the Under-15 race.

Stephanie O’Connor medalled again with bronze in Under-16 hurdles. In Under-13 long jump, Ava Wilson (Bree) took gold and Jennifer Whelan (Kilmore) earned bronze.

Judy Sinnott (DMP) won the Under-14 long jump. Artem Kelly (St. Paul’s) won the Under-15 long jump, while fellow combined eventer Jack Browne (Enniscorthy) was second Under-16.

Ava Wilson picked up a second medal with a win in the Under-13 high jump. Fellow Bree member Sarah O’Brien won the Under-14 event. James Prendergast (Adamstown) won the Under-16 shot put.

Under-17 girls, 1,500m walk: 1, Maria Coone (DMP), 9:07.30 minutes.

Under-19 girls, 1,500m walk: 2, Ciara Mooney (Adamstown), 7:32.28 minutes.

Under-16 girls, 400m heat two: 4, Gráinne Roche-Kelly (Taghmon), 66.24 .

Under-18 girls, 400m: Cara Kelly (D.M.P.), first heat one (59.43); third final (58.61).

Under-19 girls, 400m (timed heats, no final): Orlaith Deegan (SBR), first in heat (61.13); second fastest overall.

Under-17 girls, 1,500 metres: 5, Aoife Walsh (DMP), 5:02.93; 7, Maria Coone (DMP), 5.11.87.

Under-18 girls, 1,500 metres: 9, Jelena McNamara (Enniscorthy).

Under-12 girls, 60 metres heat one: 7, Alannah Flanagan (DMP), 10.56; 8, Lily Shannon (Adamstown), 10.74. Heat four: 6, Pippa Fortune (Adamstown), 10.71. Heat five: 7, Hayley Lonergan (Adamstown), 10.76. Heat seven: 2, Kyra Jarvis (St. Killian’s), 9.40. Semi-final: 4, Kyra Jarvis, 9.42.

Under-13 girls, 60 metres heat six: 8, Lilly Ann Redmond (St. Killian’s).

Under-14 girls, 60 metres heat one: 3, Saoirse Flanagan (DMP), 9.10; 6, Emma Lambert (Kilmore). Heat two: 6, Lily Brady (Kilmore). Heat five: 1, Kayleigh Butler (Taghmon), 8.90; 3, Hazel Breen (Bree), 9.25. Heat 7: 1, Faye McDonnell (Enniscorthy), 8.74; 2, Judy Sinnott (DMP), 8.79. Semi-final one: 2, Kayleigh Butler, 8.80. Semi-final two: 3, Faye McDonnell, 8.63; 4, Judy Sinnott (DMP), 8.83; 8, Hazel Breen (Bree), 9.20. Final: 5, Faye McDonnell, 8.66; 8, Kayleigh Butler, 8.85.

Under-16 girls, 60 metres heat one: 5, Gráinne Roche-Kelly (Taghmon).

Under-17 girls, 60 metres heat one: 5, Chloe Reck (St. Killian’s), 8.57.

Under-16 girls, 200 metres heat one: 4, Ava Barry (Kilmore), 31.77; 5, Casey O’Connor (St. Killian’s), 32.17. Heat five: 1, Stephanie O’Connor (Enniscorthy), 27.07. Final: 3, Stephanie O’Connor, 26.70.

Under-17 girls, 200 metres heat three: 3, Chloe Reck (St. Killian’s), 28.62.

Under-12 girls, 600m heat one: 12, Mia Hancock (Kilmore). Heat three: 10, Alannah Flanagan (DMP). Heat four: 4, Kyra Jarvis (St. Killian’s).

Under-13 girls, 600m heat one: 12, Jennifer Whelan (Kilmore). Heat four: 11, Sarah Dupuy (Kilmore). Heat five: 5, Aoife Doyle (Taghmon).

Under-14 girls, 800 metres heat one: 3, Kayleigh Butler (Taghmon), 2.46.75; 5, Kate Fortune (Kilmore), 2.49.46. Heat two: 1, Saoirse Flanagan (DMP), 2.36.67. Heat three: 4, Izzy Aspel (Taghmon), 2.46.89; 7, Jaden Ryan (Kilmore). Heat four: 6, Faye Barry (Kilmore), 2.45.31. Final: 2, Saoirse Flanagan, 2.32.

Under-15 girls, 800 metres heat three: 2, Ruby Gallagher-O’Reilly (Croghan), 2.32.29; eighth in final, 2.34.

Under-16 girls, 800m heat one: 11, Ava Barry (Kilmore). Heat two: 6, Éabha Keane (DMP), 2.33.47; 11, Isabel Canning (St. Killian’s).

Under-17 girls, 800m heat one: 4, Aoife Walsh (DMP), 2.37.41. Final: 3, Aoife Walsh, 2.21.83.

Under-18 girls, 800m (final): 2, Cara Kelly (DMP), 2.21.38.

Under-13 girls, 60 metres hurdles heat three: 1, Ava Wilson (Bree), 10.86; 3, Jennifer Whelan (Kilmore), 11.70. Final: 2, Ava Wilson, 10.60.

Under-14 girls, 60 metres hurdles heat two: 3, Sarah O’Brien (Bree), 10.59. Heat three: 2, Ruth Hassey (Bree), 11.04. Final: 5, Sarah O’Brien, 10.59; 6, Ruth Hassey, 10.70.

Under-15 girls, 60 metres hurdles (final): 2, Lea Bolger (Bree), 11.12.

Under-16 girls, 60 metres hurdles heat one: 1, Kiera Wilson (Bree), 10.29; 3, Stephanie O’Connor (Enniscorthy), 10.94. Heat two: 3, Ciara Laffan (Bree), 10.35. Final: 3, Stephanie O’Connor, 10.16; 4, Kiera Wilson, 10.26; Ciara Laffan, disqualified.

Under-12 girls, long jump: 18, Hayley Lonergan (Adamstown); 37, Alannah Flanagan (DMP); 50, Mia Hancock (Kilmore).

Under-13 girls, long jump: 1, Ava Wilson (Bree), 4.38m; 3, Jennifer Whelan (Kilmore), 4.26m; 33, Lilly Ann Redmond (St. Killian’s); 35, Sarah Dupuy (Kilmore).

Under-14 girls, long jump: 1, Judy Sinnott (DMP), 4.62m; 11, Sarah O’Brien (Bree); 15, Izzy Aspel (Bree); 17, Faye Barry (Kilmore); 18, Ruth Hassey (Bree); 21, Kayleigh Butler (Taghmon); 22, Hazel Breen (Bree); 25, Jaden Ryan (Kilmore); 35, Kate Fortune (Kilmore).

Under-17 girls, long jump: 6, Chloe Reck (St. Killian’s), 4.75m.

Under-12 girls, high jump: 9, Kyra Jarvis (St. Killian’s).

Under-13 girls, high jump: 1, Ava Wilson (Bree), 1.43.

Under-14 girls, high jump: 1, Sarah O’Brien (Bree), 1.50m; 7, Ruth Hassey (Bree), 1.25m; 15, Lily Brady (Kilmore), 1.20m.

Under-15 girls, high jump: 5, Neasa Long (Enniscorthy), 1.30m.

Under-12 girls, shot put: 7, Lily Shannon, 4.91m; 9, Pippa Fortune, 4.50m; 12, Anna Walsh, 2.63m (all Adamstown).