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Rob returns with prize sunflowers


Rob Steinke with his prize sunflower.

Rob Steinke with his prize sunflower.

Rob Steinke with his prize sunflower.


ROB and Moira Steinke have been busy this summer cultivating their sunflowers and their prize flower now stands at over 11 foot.

The Kilmuckridge gardeners are always conscious of the need to provide food and shelter for birds, butterflies and bees and they have planted several buddleia bushes, also known as the butterfly bush.

Rob says that growing sunflowers is proving to be one of the favourites with bees who pollinate his veggie crops and, later in the season, the large flower heads will provide food for the wide variety of birds that visit the garden.

‘All this attracts a good variety of wildlife, with a peacock, tortoiseshell, red admiral and painted lady butterflies and numerous birds from the smallest song birds to the large rooks and semi tame doves,’ he said.

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Although this year’s sunflower is not quite the Irish record, Rob fully intends to try to better that next year and maybe even match the world’s tallest sunflower which stood a massive 30 foot and was grown in Germany, 

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