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Wexford schools to receive dyslexia-friendly books


The dyslexia-friendly books.

The dyslexia-friendly books.

Shane Casey.

Shane Casey.


The dyslexia-friendly books.


Schools in Wexford town are set to receive four dyslexia-friendly children’s books about Irish wildlife courtesy of to Wexford Credit Union (WCU) and Clare author, Shane Casey. A former Biodiversity Officer, Shane has created a series of books which will help children to engage with wildlife on their own doorstep, from hedgehogs and mayflies, to song thrushes and salmon. To strengthen the books’ educational value, Shane has also produced accompanying support materials for teachers and parents.

However, there is something else that makes the books stand out, each contains a unique design and layout which makes them dyslexia-friendly. “They’re only little changes,’ says Shane, “but they make a huge difference. We use a combination of special font, colour schemes, and layout to make it easier for children with dyslexia to read.”

Shane’s books are Ireland’s only dedicated dyslexia-friendly books series and he says they have been very well-received by both parents and children. “The feedback we’ve had from parents, teachers, and particularly the children themselves has been overwhelming. For some 11 and 12-year-olds these were the first books they had managed to read in full on their own, and it has given them the confidence to try other books.’

The four books sponsored by Wexford Credit Union are Nature’s Secret Adventures, Nature’s Hidden Adventures, Nature’s Marvellous Adventures, and Nature’s Incredible Adventures. Each title contains three individual stories about local wildlife and aims to introduce nature as it really is with accurate descriptions of the animal, its habitat and its behaviours.

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