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Wexford man arrested after viral video shows car colliding with bollards on pedestrianised street


The car repeatedly tried to squeeze through the bollards.

The car repeatedly tried to squeeze through the bollards.

The car repeatedly tried to squeeze through the bollards.


WEXFORD Gardaí have confirmed that a 30-year-old man was arrested having been captured on film attempting to drive through fixed metal bollards on a pedestrianised street on Sunday morning.

The video, which went viral online, shows the driver of a grey Seat revving the engine and trying to fit the car through an impossibly small gap between two fixed metal bollards on Wexford’s main street, at the junction with Rowe Street. The driver takes a number of runs at it, colliding with the bollards each time while confused onlookers watch on. Thankfully, the incident took place early on Sunday morning before the street became busy with shoppers.

Gardaí were eventually called and the car left the scene. It was confirmed that two unknown van drivers assisted the gardaí in bringing the car to a stop at Beechville, Clonard and the driver, was arrested.

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Upon being brought to Wexford Garda Station, it was alleged that the accused failed to co-operate with providing a sample of blood or urine and he was charged in relation to this. Garda sources have indicated that further charges may arise from the Sunday morning incident.

Mobile phone footage of the incident with the bollards on the Main Street went viral in recent days, with many commentators expressing disbelief that the man ever thought he could fit through the gap. Others were confused as to how the man managed to get the car to that point of the pedestrianised street in the first place.

Regardless, gardaí have been praised for their quick action, as have those who assisted them in bringing the vehicle to a stop.