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Pat Doyle was a loving family man, a loyal friend and a rock


Pat Doyle.

Pat Doyle.

Pat Doyle.


A COMMUNITY is in mourning following the untimely passing of Pat Doyle (47), late of Allewood Drive, Gorey.

The father of three was a family man and had a wide circle of friends, having worked for Stafford’s Bakery for 26 years being the head representative.

Pat’s son Craig described Pat as quiet and gentle but passionate about the things he loved.

“Dad was always calm and very cool headed, I actually don’t think I ever saw him angry and he was never uptight about anything. He’d help anyone he could and he’d be there for you and do his best as he’d never want to see anyone stuck.

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“Dad grew up on Allenwood Drive and lived in Ballymoney briefly, but spent the majority of his life back here at Allenwood Drive. He was big Gorey man who loved the town and would never leave it. He met his sweetheart Mai in Arklow when she was just 18, as he would have been driving around with cousin Liam and their friends.

“My mam and dad met in 1994 and got married in 2004, while I was born in 1996. Dad was a big family man and everything he did, he did for us, his mam and his brothers too. If there was ever anything that needed to be fixed he’d do it and he’d always look for a solution. That’s what he would have taught me really not to get worked up about things.

“Dad loved animals and used to love sitting and watching birds. He loved every sort of animal and he had chickens, donkeys, horses and racing pigeons. That was his break away so when he wasn’t working he was off with the animals and that made him very gentle”.

Craig thanked all those who came to the funeral and sent condolences, adding how it showed how well got he was by everyone.

Stafford’s Bakery closed its offices on Wednesday morning and released the following statement.

“The staff and management of Stafford’s Bakery would like to express our heartfelt sadness at the death of our dear friend and colleague, Pat Doyle. He was a familiar face and friend to most of our customers who we know fully appreciate and share our loss. A family man, a loyal friend and a rock. Our condolences to Mai, his wife, Leagh, Lucy and Craig his children, Marie his Mam, Niall and Larry his surviving brothers and to his wide circle of relatives and friends”.

Patrick (Pat) Doyle is survived by his wife Mai, children Craig, Leagh and Lucy, mother Marie brothers Niall, Larry and the late Shane along with aunts, uncles, mother-in-law, brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law, nieces, nephews, relatives, friends and neighbours.

May he Rest In Peace.