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Wexford County Council say no request was made for tenancy home inspection


The house in New Ross where the man was found.

The house in New Ross where the man was found.

The house in New Ross where the man was found.


The New Ross house in which a man tragically died in New Ross last Friday week had been reported to Wexford County Council (WCC) as far back as early 2021, due to concerns of local residents.

Stephen Raymond died suddenly at the house and was removed via an upstairs window early on the Saturday morning.

Emergency personnel came upon a shocking scene within the house on Friday, when they found the remains of the much loved man – whose funeral service took place on Thursday.

Emergency services were called to Grange Road at approximately 10.45 p.m. on Friday by the man’s partner. Paramedics found Stephen – who is believed to have been in his forties – deceased in an upstairs bedroom.

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Two fire crews arrived at house to help remove him from the residence which was described as ‘very littered and infested with rats’.

Stephen was removed and taken to hospital for a post mortem.

A Fire Service spokesperson said: “It was a particularly difficult call for the fire service. They’ve never seen anything like it. When they had their debriefing afterwards they were offered critical incident stress management support.”

A spokesperson for the ambulance service said: “He had died less than hour before we arrived. He had been in the room for a long period of time. The room wasn’t in great condition. It took hours as the window had to be removed and his remains placed on a teleporter.”

A spokesperson for the gardaí said they are treating the tragic man’s passing as a sudden death, adding that it will be treated in line with other sudden deaths in conjunction with the county coroner.

A local property owner reported concerns about the house the man was living in to Wexford County Council in January 2021.

“I own a house nearby. I was aware in December 2020 and January 2021 of an infestation of rats and cats in the house, and rubbish lying around the back.”

The landlord reported his concerns to Wexford County Council’s Environment section through an online portal and was informed a house call would be made within ten days.

“I reported it as a duty of care to residents of the estate, as I’m obliged to ensure they are living in a sanitary environment. An official came to the house but was denied entry. There is a possibility that this man’s life could have been saved if an intervention had happened at time.”

The landlord said: “It’s very, very sad it happened. It isn’t the cause of this tragedy but perhaps it could have been followed up on better. There was no follow up despite the fact there was a very obvious and real danger. This possibly could have been prevented and I feel sad for not doing more.”

A spokesperson for Wexford County Council said it extends its deepest sympathies to the family of the deceased gentleman.

“As a result of this tragic event and following a related press query, Wexford County Council examined its records to determine what contact if any has been made to the Council in relation to the property concerned.

“No request has been made to Wexford County Council for a Residential Tenancies Board (RTB) inspection in respect of this property for at least the last 3 years.

“An anonymous waste management complaint, made in early 2021 to Wexford County Council in respect of this property was investigated by the Council.

"The owner of the property at that time responded to the Council’s enquiries and provided evidence that correct waste disposal methods were in use at the property. The matter was resolved at this point. The Council has received no further reports of incidents relating to this property.”

Late of Templeogue and 76 Grange Road, Mr Raymond’s life was celebrated at a service at the Garden Chapel, Mt. Jerome Crematorium on Thursday, followed by cremation.

He is survived by his partner Fiona, parents Tony and Genevieve; brothers Conor and Shane; sister-in-law Melanie, Shane’s partner Analisa; nephew Aidan; niece Chloe, the extended McGrath family; aunts; uncles; cousins; extended family, relatives and friends.