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Wexford County Council launches new free online not-for-profit portal


Wexford County Council headquarters.

Wexford County Council headquarters.

Wexford County Council headquarters.


Wexford County Council has developed a free online information sharing portal for not-for-profit community owned facilities, to inform the public, generate additional income for facility owners and promote usage.

Many community facilities were under-utilised during the Covid restrictions, with a corresponding reduction in vital income.

"As society emerges from the Covid pandemic it is hoped that this initiative will be a useful tool for those wishing to use and/or hire not-for-profit community facilities,” said a Wexford County Council spokesperson.

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This initiative is aimed at promoting not for profit community facilities e.g. room/sports facilities available for use/hire, rather than general attractions/services e.g. tourism, walking trails, community services, etc

Information and map of facilities can be found at the following website, where facility details can be submitted: https://www.wexfordcoco.ie/community/community-facilities-portal