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Wexford councillors ready to ‘take up the pikes’ and reclaim Forth Mountain


Cllr Lisa McDonald.

Cllr Lisa McDonald.

Cllr Lisa McDonald.


Rosslare councillors have vowed to take up arms and “reclaim” Forth Mountain from their colleagues in the Wexford Borough. Not only that, they will be using pikes to do so.

Reacting to a report which listed all of the successful projects completed in the Rosslare Municipal District (RMD) over the past 12 months, Councillor Lisa McDonald noted that those undertaken in the Rosslare section of the mountain had been omitted.  

“All the ones on Forth Mountain are listed as the Wexford Borough, but it isn’t all in the borough,” she said. “A huge amount of the mountain is in the Rosslare District, and we have been instrumental in assisting in an awful lot of the projects and developments up there. I would hope next year that those projects be listed in the RMD report because we’re going to have even more exciting things going on up there.”

Supporting the councillor’s stance, Cathaoirleach Jim Moore said that the coming year would see Rosslare “reclaiming Forth Mountain”.

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"We might even take up the pikes,” replied Cllr McDonald as she got into the spirit of things.

“We will start very shortly,” confirmed Cllr Moore.

Unsure of whether to follow his colleagues into battle, Councillor Jim Codd could only register his surprise at the usually mild-mannered Cathaoirleach’s militancy. 

Earlier in the meeting, Cllr McDonald continued her campaign to ensure the Rosslare side of the mountain remained accessible to walkers when asking council engineer Mark Collins for an update on the road at Pennylands. 

“People are walking on the road between the two parts of the trail and slipping on the stones on the side of the road, one woman fell quite badly, I would ask that those stones be taken out of there,” she said. “Could we put a little pathway between the two trails? Also, I presume you’re going to finish the rest of the road down towards Paddy’s Rock?”

In response, Mr Collins said there were plans to surface dress the roads at Pennylands and that he could arrange to have the roads swept to ensure walkers wouldn’t slip on stones.

“In relation to the road down to Paddy’s Rock, there’s probably a couple of sections we won’t pick up this year, we’ll try to pick them up over the next couple of years, but considering the usage up there it does need to be prioritised.”