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Tree roots create hazard for runners on ring road in New Ross


Cllr Michael Sheehan.

Cllr Michael Sheehan.

Cllr Michael Sheehan.


The roots of trees lining the ring road walk on the old N25 Brandon hill in New Ross are cracking through the footpath, causing runners to trip.

So said Cllr Michael Sheehan at the New Ross Municipal District meeting, calling once again for lights to be erected so that people can walk, job and run safely along the popular route.

“Any prospect of lights on the ring road? Some parts of the footpath are broken up with roots coming through,” he said. “Someone coming out of Lake Region or running on the ring road could trip.”

Area engineer Eilís Furlong said the council are doing a design ahead for the road, including lighting, ahead of going for funding.

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“It’s to incorporate a cycleway, new paths and lighting,” she said.