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Teenagers in County Wexford promote importance of positive social change


Students from Coláíste Abbáin in Adamstown.

Students from Coláíste Abbáin in Adamstown.

Students from Coláíste Bríde in Enniscorthy.

Students from Coláíste Bríde in Enniscorthy.

Students from Coláiste Abbáin

Students from Coláiste Abbáin


Students from Coláíste Abbáin in Adamstown.


STUDENTS from County Wexford were among those who participated in a campaign to promote the importance of positive social change.

Secondary school students from Coláiste Bríde, in Enniscorthy, and Coláíste Abbáin, in Adamstown, participated in the Speak Out Tour, which is a Young Social Innovators (YSI) initiative, when it stopped off in Kilkenny.

The stop-off in Kilkenny occurred on Tuesday, March 14, and the local teenagers were delighted to be able to participate and contribute to the overall message.

The Coláiste Bríde team spoke out on the topic of ‘Misdiagnosis of Autism Diagnosis in Girls’, while the Coláiste Abbáin group’s topic was ‘Pawsing Animal Abuse’, which was aimed at raising awareness of and combating animal abuse within their local community.

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They were among 5,000 secondary students from across Ireland taking part in the tour, which will also visit Limerick, Drogheda, South Dublin and Sligo, over the coming weeks.

In addition to Kilkenny the tour has also visited Dublin City and Cork.

The ongoing initiative is enabling teenagers to speak out on social issues affecting them and their communities. The range of topics on which they are focusing attention includes mental health, the housing crisis, gender equality, domestic violence, online safety, upcycling, green spaces and loneliness.

Young Social Innovators is a non-profit organisation that believes in the power of youth and works at empowering, equipping and inspiring young people to change the world for good. Through its programmes, training and events, YSI enables young people to tackle difficult social issues advocate for reform and advance positive change.

Each year, around 15,000 young people are supported to explore social issues that concern them and to come up with a variety of responses to meet those challenges.

For more information on Young Social Innovators log on to  www.youngsocialinnovators.ie.