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Tammy Iannetta delighted to get back to her Enniscorthy home after eight-month Covid battle


Tammy Iannetta pictured at home with some of her grandchildren.

Tammy Iannetta pictured at home with some of her grandchildren.

Tammy Iannetta's granddaughter, Grease, is happy her granny is home.

Tammy Iannetta's granddaughter, Grease, is happy her granny is home.


Tammy Iannetta pictured at home with some of her grandchildren.


THERE was a very welcome homecoming in Enniscorthy this week for a mother and grandmother who spent a total of eight months in hospital, with the lion’s share being spent in Wexford Hospital and the remaining time in St John’s Hospital in Enniscorthy as she recovered from Covid-19.

Tammy Iannetta returned to her home on Ross Road on Monday and speaking to the Enniscorthy Guardian she expressed delight at being home again with her family.

Tammy received her Covid vaccinations last year and at first everything was fine, however, shortly after receiving her second jab she began to feel a little unwell and by September 27, 2021, she found herself in hospital.

“I got my two Covid injections and about a day or two after I got sick,” she said. “I had a sick feeling in my stomach and I called the doctor and he said he was sending me to the hospital.”

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When she went to hospital it was discovered she had pneumonia.

“They told me I had pneumonia and also Covid,” she said. Within a day or two, Tammy’s health deteriorated. She lost her voice, couldn’t eat and ended up on a ventilator.

“I was in a coma and I couldn’t remember anything that happened,” she said. “I am lucky to be alive to be honest. They had to put a tube down my neck and also a tube to feed me as well.”

Tammy couldn’t eat or drink for a number of months and said that when she was able to eat solid food again it was initially like baby food.

“When they started to feed me again it was like baby food,” she said.

“It was all liquidised because I was choking when they were feeding me.”

Tammy ended up remaining in Wexford General Hospital for six months and for a long period of that she said she was immobile.

“I couldn’t even get up,” she said. “I couldn’t move my hands, I couldn’t get up because I couldn’t move my leg and then after six months I was doing physiotherapy in Wexford.”

She could only see her family once a week and said it was very difficult emotionally as well as physically: “When I did come around I was very fed up in Wexford because I could only see my family once a week but I had to stay there for six months.”

After that a bed was found for her in St John’s Hospital in Enniscorthy and Tammy said she was very happy when she went there. She remained in St John’s for a long number of weeks

“Tammy said she spent eight months in hospital. “I did physio everyday in St John’s and that helped me a lot but my leg is still a little bit sore,” she said.

“I still have to do physio at home as well to get better and get strong but I am just happy to be here because it could have been very different,” she added. “I am so happy to be home, thanks be to God, and I am very lucky.”

Tammy said that when she was in a coma she could see her mother, who passed away 18 years ago, and said: “I don’t know, maybe she helped me stay alive and I could see her telling me to go back, ‘Tammy go back’, so I don’t know but I am just glad I survived.”

She is very grateful for the support she received from the people of Enniscorthy who sent her cards and wished her a good recovery and she’s also very appreciative of all the support and help she received in Wexford General Hospital and also St John’s

“I want to say thank you to the doctor in Wexford and the nurses who were fantastic,” she said. “I want to thank all the staff including the people served the food and the people in St John’s who were also fantastic and helped me so much.”

Tammy had a special word of praise to the physiotherapist, Mark, in St John’s Hospital for looking after her every day for three months and she also thanked her family for their support.