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Sudden closure of Riverchapel Pharmacy is a great loss for the community


Riverchapel Pharmacy.

Riverchapel Pharmacy.

Riverchapel Pharmacy.


Members of the Riverchapel and Courtown community have reacted with shock and sadness following the announcement that Riverchapel Pharmacy is to close with immediate effect.

The closure was announced on Monday evening through a post on the pharmacy's Facebook page. While the reason for the closure was not stated, it will have great impact on members of community, who will now need to travel to Gorey should they need to visit a pharmacy.

Many members of the community learned of the news through a Facebook post on the Riverchapel Pharmacy Facebook post, which read: “Riverchapel Pharmacy is now closed for business. Please contact us by phone to arrange your prescription to be sent to another pharmacy. We apologise and are sad to say goodbye to Riverchapel Pharmacy. Thank you for all of your support.” In a separate post, those who are unable to reach the pharmacy via phone were advised to email riverchapelpharmacy@hotmail.com with their details and nominated pharmacy to send their prescription to.

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Former councillor Robbie Ireton said that the closure was a ‘huge blow’ to the area and said that pharmacist Enda Keady was an asset to the community.

"The pharmacy is greatly needed here and Enda was brilliant. He is a true gentleman. It’s not easy to get a doctor these days so a lot of people went to him for advice. He’d a wealth of knowledge about people and he’d a wealth of knowledge about their medical issues,” he said. “The staff were also brilliant and they went way beyond the call of duty to help people.”

Ireton described Enda as a ‘great people person’ who was liked by everyone.

"You have to have the right temperament for that job and he was perfect.”

Chairperson of Courtown Community Council, Linda Sinnott described the closure as a ‘huge shock’ to the community.

"We are terribly sad to see Enda and all the staff go. They really did offer a vital service to the community. We would hope that it will be taken over by another pharmacy as it really is a much-needed service," she said. “The news is a complete shock. Enda is very personable to everyone who goes there, as are the staff. If anything, we were hoping Enda would build on what he had and eventually attract a GP to the area. That would have been the natural progression of things and this is a huge setback.”

“We wish Enda and all of the staff the very best of luck in the future.”

Director of Riverchapel Community Complex, Craig Lang said that he was shocked to hear the news.

“It is a well used pharmacist and it is a great amenity for the community. It is going to be a massive loss for the area and the people there, especially the elderly and disadvantaged people who may not find it so easy to get into Gorey.”

Riverchapel Pharmacy was contacted and a spokesperson said they were unable to make a comment at this time.