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Snooker club in County Wexford is on cue for success

Organisation is growing its membership throughout the locality


Dawson Perpetual Snooker Shield runner-up Derek Hughes (left) and winner, Ray Cullen (right).

Dawson Perpetual Snooker Shield runner-up Derek Hughes (left) and winner, Ray Cullen (right).

The new sign over the door.

The new sign over the door.

The new club sign

The new club sign


Dawson Perpetual Snooker Shield runner-up Derek Hughes (left) and winner, Ray Cullen (right).


Bree Billiards and Snooker Club is fast becoming one of the most popular and successful sports organisations in the district.

The club has continued to grow in recent months, with membership now standing at 39, including a good number of youths, aged over 18.

A new club sign has been installed over the entrance door, acknowledging the fact the organisation was founded in 1915, with further improvements planned over the coming months including a new cloth and re-cover of the cushions to improve the performance of the table. The club recently ran the Dawson Perpetual Snooker Shield and it was a very successful event.

Twenty-seven players participated with the early rounds being contested over three frames on a ‘best of’ format.

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Ray Cullen (+5) played Stephen Cahill (+20) in the first semi-final, with Ray taking the match on a scoreline of 2-0.

In the second semi-final, Shane Dawson (+16) took on Derek Hughes (+16), with Derek emerging as the match winner by a 2-0 margin.

The final was played on a ‘best of five frames’ format and it was a fantastic event that went right down to the wire.

Derek Hughes took the first frame on a 59-52 margin, with Ray Cullen levelling up the game at one frame each with a scoreline of 68-54.

Derek won the third frame (75-65) but Ray took the match to a decider with a 60-42 win in the fourth frame.

Then it was all to play for and both players were brilliant with their safety play. In a tense final game, Ray opened up a gap on the colours to take the title with a 69-44 win.

The highest break of the tournament was awarded to John Bolger Jnr, who notched up an impressive 48 in the third round.

The draw for the next billiards tournament took place last week, with 18 entrants fin the running for the newly named John Bolger Senior Memorial Cup.

The Bolger family are honoured to sponsor the tournament which will honour the memory of the late John Bolger.

Along with other senior members of the club, he helped promote the game of billiards throughout the county.

A spokesperson for the club commented: “Bree hosted the County Billiards championships for many years, and had some fine exponents of the game who were respected far and wide.”

The committee also plans to run a youths snooker tournament before wrapping up the season.

“The format is yet to be decided, but it is encouraging to see new younger members signing up, and this gives them a chance to improve their game,” said the spokesperson.

“On that note, club member Adrian Morrissey, a respected Irish amateur snooker championship competitor, has kindly offered to coach players one night weekly, and so far the uptake is good, particularly among the younger players,” said the spokesperson.

With the club going from strength to strength it’s safe to say the that Bree Billiards and Snooker Club is firmly back on the map.