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Respond housing body maintaining its silence about New Ross convent


Cllr Anthony Connick.

Cllr Anthony Connick.

Cllr Anthony Connick.


Elected officials have yet to receive any update regarding the conversion of the Good Shepherd convent into new homes despite meetings with the housing authority last summer. The building was due to be turned into 28 turnkey properties by housing association, Respond, but according to one councillor there had been no word for over a year now.

There’s been no response from Respond,” said Councillor Anthony Connick who dismissed Councillor Michael Sheehan’s suggestion that a meeting be arranged with Respond’s Head of Housing, Neil Bolton. “I’m not listening to any more lies, here we are since last summer and we haven't had one peep from him, after going up and visiting him and meeting him and seeing plans. That building should be taken back off those people and dealt with, immediately. Respond are not doing their job, they have that building for over 30 years.”

“Be careful because they probably would want to get of it and then we’re stuck with it," advised Cllr Sheehan.

“I’ll contact them asking what has happened since last meeting," said Housing Officer Martina Donoghue. “I have it in my mind what we should do but I’d like to get some guidance or clearance on it first.”

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Ms Donoghue also confirmed that an update on 38 houses in Rosbercon, including nine one-bed apartments, six two-bed apartments, 11 two-bed houses, and 12 three-bed houses, would be provided by the county architect in the September meeting.