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Questions still remain over Sabina Higgins letter says Byrne


Senator Malcolm Byrne.

Senator Malcolm Byrne.

Senator Malcolm Byrne.


Questions still remain as to how Sabina Higgins’ letter ended up on the President of Ireland’s website, according to Senator Malcolm Byrne.

Senator Byrne made his comments in light of controversy surrounding a letter on the war between Ukraine and Russia, which was written by the President’s wife and published in the Irish Times and President’s website. While the letter has been since been removed from the website, Senator Byrne said clarity is needed on how it ended up there.

"I read the letter on the Irish Times last week and, while I agreed with some elements of it, I had difficulty with some elements of the letter. It seemed to imply an equivalence between Russia and Ukraine and clearly, Russia is the aggressor here,” he said. "This isn’t the case of two equal parties. Russia is breaking international law and engaging in war crimes against a sovereign diplomatic state.”

“Mrs Higgins is entitled to her view as a private citizen. However, the fact that this was published on the President’s website means that it could be viewed as official State policy.”

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The fact that the letter was used as a propaganda tool by the Kremlin demonstrates how such a move could be problematic, added Senator Byrne. While he welcomed the fact that President Higgins clearly outlined Ireland’s support for the people of Ukraine in recent days, and said that he believes Sabina’s letter came from ‘a position of good’, Byrne said that questions still remain as to how the letter ended up on the President’s website.

"I think that Ireland should be very proud of the level of support we’ve given to Ukrainians and that should continue,” he added.