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Preparatory works to start on 38-unit Rosbercon estate near New Ross greenway


An early architectural drawing of what the Rosbercon estate may look like.

An early architectural drawing of what the Rosbercon estate may look like.

Council architect Shay Howell.

Council architect Shay Howell.


An early architectural drawing of what the Rosbercon estate may look like.


Work will start on the 38-unit estate planned for Rosbercon next year, but final details regarding the project can’t be mapped out until preliminary works are completed.

So said Wexford County Council architect Shay Howell at Wednesday’s New Ross Municipal District meeting.

Mr Howell said a specialist firm has been hired to do a report on an invasive species of growth found in the field – which is located just off the greenway, on the flat behind Schoolhouse Road.

He said an engineering company has been appointed to carry our environmental works.

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“A contractor is coming in to clear the site. The tender documents go out on September 16,” said Mr Howell, adding that once this is done the design team can complete the design.

“The number of units depends on what comes out of the survey. If the site is too wet or too rocky this may change things.”

He said residents nearby had expressed concerns about the size of the apartment blocks. He said the plan is to build 38 units with the highest block being three storeys high. 

He said the duplex blocks will feature a two-bed apartment on the ground floor and a two-storey, two-bed house above.

“All units will have their own access at ground level so there will be no shared spaces, so everyone is independent. The majority of buildings are two-storey.”

He said as the greenway will run alongside the estate, there will be fencing and boundary treatment works erected. There will be a path for people to access the greenway from the estate and to access O’Hanrahan Bridge.

Mr Howell said planning should commence in March.

Around 70pc of the units will be one- or two-bed, with 30pc to be three-bed units.

He said the one-bed units will be located on the upper levels of the three-storey blocks.

A retaining wall of stones in cages will be erected between the bank behind the estate and the nearest houses. Mr Howell said people who use the field to walk their dogs will find it closed off as works begin.