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No Fleadh repreive for Wexford’s Dun Mhuire Theatre while council aims to put new venue in place

The old parish hall is set to be demolished “within the first half of this year”


The Dun Mhuire theatre building on South Main Street.

The Dun Mhuire theatre building on South Main Street.

The Dun Mhuire theatre building on South Main Street.


Wexford’s hosting of Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann 2024 will offer no reprieve for the Dun Mhuire Theatr

e in Wexford, with plans still progressing towards its demolition.

No sooner had Wexford’s successful Fleadh bid been confirmed than questions started to be asked around the potential to save and restore the old parish hall building.

Those keen to halt the demolition plans stressed that it would be “ridiculous” to demolish the old theatre when venues will be in massive demand as the world’s biggest celebration of traditional Irish music and culture rolls into town next summer.

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However, Wexford’s successful Fleadh bid document lists a total of 18 host venues across town for the event, of which the old Dun Mhuire theatre is not one.

At the March meeting of Wexford County Council, Sinn Féin councillor Davy Hynes pointed out the “big gap that’s been left with the loss of the parish hall”.

Although pouring cold water on the notion of restoring the Dun Mhuire, Chief Executive of Wexford County Council Tom Enright said that, in addition to the erection of a 2,000 capacity "dome” marquee on Wexford’s quay, the local authority would be seeking to secure another mid-sized venue in town before the Fleadh arrives.

"The provision of a mid-range venue in town is being looked at after losing Dun Mhuire. We’re looking at a potential venue of around 300 odd seats. 

"I’ll be coming back before the Wexford Borough District meeting in a few weeks to look at how we can put that type of venue in place in Wexford.”

Mr Enright confirmed back in February that the Dun Mhuire would be demolished “in the coming months” following the completion of the local authority’s purchase of the building, at an estimated cost of around €400,000.

The council’s plan is to open up access onto Wexford’s quay and create a new civic space as part of a proposed regeneration of South Main Street.