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New Ross St Vincent de Paul seeing huge spike in calls as inflation crisis hits


Seamus D'Arcy (Right)

Seamus D'Arcy (Right)

Seamus D'Arcy (Right)


The rapidly rising cost of living is having a detrimental effect on New Ross families, with many having to choose between meeting their main bills and putting food on the table.

It’s unreal at the moment. It’s worse it’s getting,” said local St Vincent de Paul President Seamus D’Arcy.

Many of the callers are people who have been able to find a house or apartment to rent, but have seen their savings decimated by paying the deposit and first month’s rent fee.

Currently there are no properties to rent in New Ross, according to Daft.ie highlighting the upward pressure on rental prices. A two-bed apartment can cost as much as €1,100 to rent, and Mr D’Arcy is getting numerous calls and messages seeking assistance on the St Vincent de Paul phone.

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“There are people I have never seen before calling. A lot are coming from Dublin and have to pay the deposit and then they have no money for food. It’s so sad to see the children affected; it’s worse than at Christmas time.”

The main concern is for the cold autumn and winter months when people will have to fill their oil tanks and buy coal.

The current cost of 500 litres is around €750, and this is expected to rise, so inflation is feeding into a crisis among working people and Social Welfare recipients.

“I think fuel is going to be a big issue. We won’t be able to help with oil. I’m going to people and they wouldn’t have much clothes for the children.”

Cheques which can be spent in local supermarkets are given to hard hit families, but with inflation affecting everyone, the St Vincent de Paul are appealing for anyone in a position to provide financial help through a donation, to contact the charity at local level.