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New Ross section of South East Greenway on track to open before remainder of project


Rosbercon to the Red Bridge section of the South East Greenway. Photo; Mary Browne

Rosbercon to the Red Bridge section of the South East Greenway. Photo; Mary Browne

The Mount Elliott tunnel.

The Mount Elliott tunnel.


Rosbercon to the Red Bridge section of the South East Greenway. Photo; Mary Browne


COUNCILLORS were assured at the New Ross Municipal District meeting that the 6k urban looped route around New Ross will open ahead of the opening of the entire 24k greenway.

Cllr John Fleming expressed concern that sections of the greenway aren’t progressing as quickly as hoped.

He said delays were announced within the space of two days.

Cllr Pat Barden said he understood the looped New Ross section would open first. “Now it seems to be the end bit of the greenway.”

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Fintan Ryan of the Special Projects team said lot 4, which incorporates the stretch from Rosbercon train station to the Red Bridge and on through Mount Elliott tunnel and back into New Ross via Cherry’s Road – is the council’s next top priority. He said the plan is for it to go out to tender by January.

"It’s a very important section of the greenway for New Ross. It’s specialised work. There is a landowner issue in relation to some areas and construction access and a bridge report is needed so a number of complications have arisen over recent months.”

He assured Cllr Barden that a number of other lots will still be worked on after the looped part is completed.

He said as the Red Bridge is an historic structure the council need to deliver the best fit in terms of heritage for it.

New Ross district director of services, Eamonn Hore said: “The New Ross loop will be finished well before the overall greenway.”

Mr Ryan said the CEO of Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) visited the greenway in July, adding to the urgency around getting the project completed.

He said: “We are investigating options to open sections earlier. There is some infrastructure that will need to be in place.”

Mr Ryan said TII are now overseeing the project, adding that they require more gateways, which meant a review of the project.”

He told Cllr Barden that the plan is to open the section from New Ross to Glenmore in the first half of 2023 once car parking and public lighting is completed.