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Multiple Wexford women report that their personal or intimate images are being shared online without permission


At least ten women have come forward to Wexford Garda Station.

At least ten women have come forward to Wexford Garda Station.

At least ten women have come forward to Wexford Garda Station.


At least ten different women have attended Wexford Garda Station in recent weeks to complain about their personal and intimate images being uploaded and shared on social media without their consent.

A number of young Wexford women contacted gardaí to make an official complaint, having come across their images being used on a SnapChat account without their knowledge or permission. 

A local garda source stressed that not all of the images were explicit in nature and some may have been posted on personal social media accounts in the past, but had now been downloaded and were now being posted by this faceless account years later.

A garda spokesperson confirmed that they are “investigating a number of reports concerning the posting, sharing and uploading of personal images online.”

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It was stressed that “the publication and/or sharing of intimate images without consent is a criminal offence. An Garda Síochána fully recognises that the publication of intimate images without the consent of individuals causes great upset and trauma to them.

“Any person who is concerned that they have been a victim following the uploading of personal explicit imagery online without their consent, at any time, should contact their local Garda Station.”

A local garda source revealed that the number of young women who had reported such activity to gardaí was “in double figures” and that “there may be many more who just didn’t want to make a formal complaint”.

The source said that it did not appear that the images were being used for any kind of cat-fishing operation, but stated that the matter is being taken seriously and a full investigation is ongoing.