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Mount Carmel in New Ross is deemed a quiet place of ‘contemplation’


Senior Executive Scientist Brendan Cooney.

Senior Executive Scientist Brendan Cooney.

20/6/2022 Pearse park. Photo; Mary Browne

20/6/2022 Pearse park. Photo; Mary Browne


Senior Executive Scientist Brendan Cooney.


MOUNT CARMEL estate in New Ross has been named a quiet area; a place ‘where people can go and sit in a quiet place to contemplate life’.

One of 18 locations chosen across co Wexford – (and three in New Ross, the others being Pearse Park and the Youth Centre) – these areas have been included in the Wexford Draft Development Plan 2021-2027.

“Can you explain how Mount Carmel and these locations have made it onto such a salubrious list?” Cllr Michael Sheehan asked, at the June New Ross Municipal District meeting.

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Wexford County Council environmental executive scientist, Brendan Cooney said New Ross was one of the towns under the directive of locating areas in towns which are ideal for people to sit and contemplate life.

"People can contact me directly if they want an area assessed,” he said.

Cllr Sheehan wasn’t letting him go that easily, enquiring if it was the estate’s green area which swung it.

Mr Cooney said: “Noise is a serious problem causing a lot of health issues in Europe so we are trying to designate quiet areas not proximate to national roads, industry etc.”

Cllr Sheehan said some New Ross estates are blighted by noisy people. “If you are going to go down that road every housing estate should be looked at.”